"Can you come to [insert local show] ???"

While Melissa wishes she could go to every convention and festival out there, shows are expensive to prepare for and exhibit at— both in time and money. If you would like Melissa to make an appearance at a show near you, consider having her a guest!

Guest Booking Information

Schedule permitting, Melissa offers workshops and presentations at libraries and schools. For bookings, use the contact form on this page, or send an email to Melissa at ArtByMelissaM@gmail.com.



If you would like Melissa to appear at a convention and you are not on staff with that convention, send your request to the staff of the convention and direct them to Melissa’s website. Make sure to let them know how excited you’d be to have Melissa attend the show!


If you are on staff with a convention and would like to invite Melissa to appear, please email Melissa with details, or fill out the contact form on this page with your guest offer.


Melissa’s past convention guest appearances can be found at FanCons.com.


If you would like to have Melissa appear at your show or teach a panel or course at your convention/school/function, send a Guest Offer!


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